Dundee City Square gig; free access to 'Hunger's Daughter' song. 

Dundee City Square in the sun - a big sound set up and a good crowd. It was nice to get the full band together - Robbie on keys, Gav on guitar, Ade on drums, Fiona on backing vocals and Stephen on bass. It's a privelege to play with such accomplished musicians. 

Some Dundee hecklers in the crowd stood out - the guy in the orange shirt who was calling us wankers at the start was filming us and shouting encouragement by the fourth song, so we at least won him over. 

The homeless demographic added a poignancy - whilst singing 'Hunger's Daughter', I spotted the guy with the sleeping bag and the crutches; suddenly the line about queuing for food in the streets seemed even more significant. I'm making this song freely available this week on behalf of him, his mates and anyone else in this world who is struggling to find enough food. 

Andy Wells came down to film the show; many thanks to him, and some videos should be available for viewing soon. 

Much love 


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