A Bright Ray of Sunshine

Barry Nisbet

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Recorded at Tpot Studio, Perthshire. Cover artwork by Mick Peter.

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Barry Nisbet combines a resonating vocal with spine tingling acoustic guitar and fiddle’…… ‘A Bright Ray of Sunshine is magnificent! ★★★★★ ”

— Bryony Hegarty - Rock n Reel Magazine

There’s a directness, a truthfulness in this delightful collection that feels very welcome just now. Barry Nisbet will be going straight to the top of the CD pile next time, and no messing”

Su O’Brien, Folking.com

I cannot recall having come across a more eclectic mix of moods and musical styles in a single album before. This only goes to show what a talent we have providing music for us here. All the songs are Barry Nisbet originals and they reflect his interest in events of the past both at home and far away. Some of the songs are charming, others are shocking in their record of what went before. Together they purvey an album of quality song writing. I found it irresistible and to some extent educational’ – Tony Collins”

Tony Collins - Fatea Magazine

Here is a man of considerable depth and an album worthy of serious consideration”

Charlie Elland, Folkwords

An utterly heartfelt set of songs which Barry Nisbet has seen fit to allow the listener the opportunity to hear, 9/10”

Ian D Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision

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Full text of the 5-star review by Bryony Hegarty from the May/June issue of Rhythm n Reel Magazine:

"Barry Nisbet combines a resonating vocal with spine-tingling acoustic guitar and fiddle; he's joined here by Theo Barnard (guitar); Ade Dacre (drums); Stephen Jack (bass) and Robbie Ward (keyboards). Nisbet evokes the extremities of life on and off the shores of Shetland through the ages, creating powerful humanitarian feeling in stirring, poignant music.

"'Borderland' opens; elemental, stark yet beautiful. 'Comfortless Cove' laments the plight of a 19th century Orkney sailor put ashore to die along Africa's west coast. There's a personal theme to 'Brydon And Anona's Wedding Waltz'; gentle strings and delicate piano dance across the track. 'Train to Anywhere', reflecting on the plight of refugees, makes a plea for compassion.

Drama and frisson bristle on 'Hunger's Daughter' with jazz chords, dancing fiddle and compelling vocal. A stirring 'Desert Wind' transports us to South Australia. 'Da Ballad O Da Jessie' remembers the drowning of an 1881 sixareen (fishing boat) skipper through the eyes of his young son, John Nisbet. 'Come In The Summertime' is an alluring solicitation. 'Imperial Jig/The Night Trip To London' builds from traditional opening to a Celtic fusion fiesta. Tender, melancholic 'Within Sadness' ends. A Bright Ray Of Sunshine is magnificent!"