New album announcement!

New Album - 'The Springbank Voyage' - coming in Summer 2022


I'm very excited to announce that I've got a new album underway - and it was a great boost just before Christmas to learn that I'd got funding from…

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Sessions and Sail 2021

Sessions and Sail 2021

The possibility of running a musical sailing trip seemed like a dim hope just a few months ago. But with a hopeful, music-starved group, and a careful regime of testing and preparation to avoid any virus…

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Sailing Lady of Avenel back to Scotland

It's hard to say who had suffered more from the 18 months enforced 'lay up' - me or the sailing ship Lady of Avenel.

While I've been isolating in a Glasgow flat or a Cullivoe croft writing music, gaining…

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Lyrics with English Translation - 'Whaar Tide Meets Tide'

As promised at my Celtic on Campus concert ( here's the Shetland lyrics, and the English translation! 

Hope you enjoyed the song. 




Whaar Tide Meets Tide  

Barry Nisbet  


Skrime da Noup abön Charlie’s Holm,  

Whaar da affrug casts strings…

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