Big changes of plans - for all of us I guess.

Not quite the trip we'd planned... I was all set to head to Lisbon for a long weekend with my sister and brother. Train tickets all the way there to avoid flight shame!

But by 0400 on Thursday morning, en route to St Pancras Station, it was beginning to seem like a really bad idea. Watching the world fall apart on twitter and on news websites. I decided it was irresponsible and foolish to carry on.

We've all lost several hundreds of pounds worth of tickets and reservations but as things have panned out the past three days, it was the right decision.

It's becoming clear that 2020 is not going to be about success, but about survival. Watching the gigs and events get cancelled one by one, chalking off almost all March's income. Wondering how deeply I can cut my wage and survive. Considerations I'm sure all self-employed people are having right now; and I'm aware I'm far from the worst off. Hoping friends are going to be OK. We're going to need our communities like never before.

Washing hands every chance - carrying a bar of soap around with me in case there's none available! I think the avoiding crowds, avoiding contact, and frequent hand-washing is essential - slowing the spread of this virus so much as possible to give the health service breathing space to deal with it when it hits fully.

I'll be back in Glasgow this evening and my lapel emoji says it all!

Wishing health and safety to everyone; we will get through this.




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