SEX! And now that we've got your attention...

Dozens of birds are singing outside, and it feels a bit like spring -  there's blue skies at last, although I'm sure they're normally criss-crossed with contrails - I don't see any today.

This Corona virus is hitting almost every aspect of life, hard - I worry about friends in the airline industry, who may lose their jobs; I worry about friends in the NHS who will likely be overwhelmed with extra work very soon. My musician and self-employed friends have seen their entire income dry up over the space of a few days.

In a way this emergency seems like a wake-up call; we in the first world have desperately and increasingly needed to change our ways for a while now. The planet has been burning up and we've continued to increase carbon emissions; we've been caught up with bickering over issues that really don't matter; we've been falling out and being uncivil to each other on social media. We've been driven by this bickering into electing leaders who really aren't up to the job. We've been letting health services run down, and we've been creating an economy of zero-hours and self-employment where many of us have no safety net should the work dry up.

Perhaps this health scare will draw our attention and give us the opportunity to do something about these problems, a bit like the old advert that said 'SEX! ...and now that we've got your attention, the local council elections will take place on Monday....'

Because what's really important is becoming crystal clear. Family, and their continued good health. Community, and the support it can offer. Friends and people who will stand by us. Unity in the face of adversity.

I'm seeing the same thing, happening all over the world. People singing on Italian balconies. People in Wuhan vlogging about their experiences. People in Glasgow forming community groups to provide resilience. Volunteers and donations everywhere. It's really tough, and this is the only way through it.

I for one am facing having a lot more free time, and a lot less money, than anticipated. I'll get by; and the time can be well spent - simple pleasures, and if necessary helping others who may need it.

This river is a kilometre from my flat, and if the birds are singing here, they'll be really going for it down there - I'm going for a walk. 

Stay safe and stay healthy!



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