Lyrics with English Translation - 'Whaar Tide Meets Tide'

As promised at my Celtic on Campus concert ( here's the Shetland lyrics, and the English translation! 

Hope you enjoyed the song. 




Whaar Tide Meets Tide  

Barry Nisbet  


Skrime da Noup abön Charlie’s Holm,  

Whaar da affrug casts strings…

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Tall Ships, Music - and Eye of the Wind.

I joined Søren Larsen with a fiddle, having had a familiar decision to make - which instrument to bring to a ship. The fiddle usually won - it's common to find a guitar already on board a ship, but much…

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Søren Larsen voyage #2

The sail from England to the Canaries had been, for me, a case of holding on tight, trying to learn everything I needed to know as second mate in a short space of time, hoping it would be enough if…

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Søren Larsen voyage, #1

With all my sailing now sadly cancelled for this year, I may as well, as promised, begin to tell more of the story of my first trip aboard the Søren Larsen.

On passage from the Mediterranean to the Falklands as…

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Isolating at home

Horizons have closed in yet further; we have not left the flat for a week as our flatmate, a care home worker, has tested positive for Covid-19. She is recovering and no-one else has any symptoms, so we're hopeful that…

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Sailing to the Pacific

I was recently sent this picture by my good friend and shipmate Jim Anderson from Fremantle, and it's taken me right back to sailing the Pacific!

I've always made this site primarily about my music, but it's nice to…

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Desert Wind - Live Video. Missing going out!

I've recorded a little live video this afternoon - at home, performing the song 'Desert Wind'. I'm really missing playing music in company, and playing gigs; but sending some of these songs out there helps. I hope it helps you…

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